Egea Medical Weight Loss Center is committed to offering you the most comprehensive medical weight loss program that meets your individual needs. A medically trained professional is the difference that our program has to offer.  We understand the scientific basis of obesity and therefore can offer a solution for people who are tired and struggling with their weight. Our goal is to help implement changes that lead to permanent weight loss.

As medically trained professionals, we know how to treat overweight and obesity effectively. We understand each patient has different genetic, metabolic, cultural, environmental and emotional factors.

Health and wellness are very important to us. Equally important are family and values. Dr. Theo comes from a strong, Greek heritage, and with that, comes deep-routed values. In choosing a name for her medical practice, she chose one that blended both.? Egea - the Greek word for healthy.

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Mediterranean Program

Pre-surgical Program

Optifast Program

Maintenance Program

Medication Weight Loss Program