Medication Assisted Weight Loss Program

In this program, we add FDA approved pharmacotherapy to aid in the patient's weight reduction goals. These agents are classified as anti-obesity medications. They may be a safe and successful tool as adjunct therapy along with one of our dietary plans, which incorporates nutrition, behavior changes and exercise.

Medication Assisted Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

The use of anti-obesity medication in combination with a supervised nutritional plan leads to significantly more weight loss than either diet or medication alone. They also help patients maintain a reduced weight so it is important to understand that the use of these pharmaceuticals may be a long term solution.   Adding medication alone will not lead to sustained weight loss.  Regular follow us for medical monitoring and accountability are detrimental to success.   A detailed medical history and exam will determine whether these pharmaceuticals are appropriate for you.  Our physicians have successfully incorporated both oral and injectable anti-obesity medications.   

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