Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

We rely heavily on the concept of non-deprivation when it comes to food. The restriction and avoidance of a food group is not recommended as this may deplete important nutrients. The Mediterranean "style" of eating with some modification is one of our focused dietary recommendations for non-surgical weight loss. It is well balanced and offers you the options of an eating plan that is inclusive of all food groups and therefore non-restrictive. It incorporates whole grain carbohydrates, adequate proteins, and healthier unsaturated fats.                       Non-Surgical Weight Loss on Mediterranean Diet

We use these concepts in an individually appropriate, adequate caloric meal plan to form a nutritionally structured program that works. The specific calorie dietary plans we use range depending on the individual patient's metabolic needs.

The low calorie diet is a consistent non-surgical weight loss program that can result in a several pound per week loss, depending on the patient's determination with the program. Nutritional and lifestyle behavior counseling is provided so that when patients reach their goal, they will have the necessary tools to be able to maintain their weight loss long term.

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