1. Maintain a regular fitness plan and be sure to get a good workout on the day of the party or event.
  2. Watch the alcohol calories.  They add up fast!  Alternate an alcoholic beverage with a calorie free non-alcoholic beverage such as sparkling water.
  3. Buy a nice holiday outfit that makes you look and feel great.   Make it comfortable yet snug so that it will allow you not to overindulge.
  4. Use smaller plates like the salad or dessert dish.  Don’t go back for seconds and always put appetizers on to a dish.
  5. Eat a small nutritious snack such as a cheese stick or yogurt before the party or event. 
  6. Be diligent on non-holiday or non-party days.  This is what counts most.  Stick to your day-to-day routine closely.
  7. Many foods over the holidays are rich and laden with more calories so indulge on things slowly and savor every bite. 
  8. Offer to bring a healthy dish, one that you know that you will enjoy without the extra calories.



Remember that “Holiday” time should not be synonymous with weight gain.  This may not be the easiest time of year for some people to lose weight so the goal should be not to gain those few extra pounds.


                                                Happy Holidays To All


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