Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Process


  • Schedule an informational testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) consultation.
    • During this brief consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and you will be given orders for laboratory work. 
    • Our staff will contact you shortly after receiveing the results of your levels.  If you meet criteria for testosterone replacement therapy they will schedule your initial appointment. 
    • You will have additional blood work done to find the cause of your low testosterone levels. 
  • The initial visit will last approximately 45 minutes and includes a full history and physicial exam.  
    • The physician will carefully review laboratory work and verify that you do not have any exclusion criteria for safe treatment.  
    • You will then be given instructions on safe self administration of medication.  The doctor will administer your first dose of testosterone in the office.
    • The weekly injections will continue in our office until you have exhibited safety and competance in self administration.  
  • Follow up visits will continue on a monthly basis with laboratory testing prior to your visit.
    •  Once appropriate testosterone levels are achieved, you will then be seen every 3-5 months thereafter for the remainder of your testosterone replacement therapy.

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